Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Tough town

We took the BC ferry to Nanimo and we spent our first night just down the road from the dock. It was a perfect spot right next to the water. It took a long day to hitch to tofino where we slept on this beautiful forested island thats only occasionally completely surrounded by water. We slept there for the next couple nights, exploring the beaches and town during the day. We met Doug in town where he told us of his organic farm. That's where we have been staying for the past few days. A little bit of easy, laid back, informative, farm work everyday and we get a trailer to stay in, plenty of good food, ample splifige, and the whole surf package (wetsuit, board, ride to the beach). Im having a great time and im not sure when i should leave. There is a lot of potential on that farm and i am most definitely going back next spring.