Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The jist of my summer travels

May 27th. 36 hours on greyhound from Colorado springs to new Orleans. I stay over 2 weeks, sleeping a combination of different hotels and the dog park. See les claypool @ tyropa and widespread panic others @ the jazz and heritage festival. Spanged and hungout at Jackson square. Flirted and mastered the art of browsing for abandoned beers on Bourbon St. Early June.
Two other young travelers and I take a bus just outside of New Orleans and walk to the rail yard at about 8pm. 5 hours of confusion and anxiety but with the help of a brakeman (and my personal savior) Curtis, we were on our way east bound on a CSX fright by 2am. Hoppin 3 more freights we go through Mobil, Montgomery, Birmingham, and finally Columbus Georgia in 2 days (we were trying for Jacksonville Florida, oh well). Another day with our thumbs out and we are in Savannah.

Savannah has the highest percentage cool people that I have ever come across. 2 weeks there, sleeping at the food not bombs chapter until my last days where I crashed on the couch of the kindest people around. Their goal was to make sure I had a good time in Savannah, and I did. My schedule consisted of wandering from square to square reading my books and writing in my journal. Got some pocket money modeling for a painter. Developed a grad school style crush. Had a grand old time before catching a ride to Vermont with a newly made friend.
Mid June
I hop on the Appalachian trail in Woodstock, Vermont and hike to Hanover, New Hampture (not as far as it sounds), sleeping in the AP trail shelters. Try to hitch to Boston to visit a friend but end up getting dropped off in uptown Manhattan at 10pm. A week and a half of mixed feelings about that place. I meet a plethora of people but befriended surprisingly few. Slept mostly at a youth shelter near Harlem, and on roof tops (the way to go). The one time I slept in the park I got my camera nabbed up, so no more photos after that point.
Now in New Orleans I bought a plane ticket from NYC to San Francisco for July 28th. Why? I though it would spice up my travels. It turned out to be a waste of money.
Late June
The salvation army gives me a free greyhound ticket back to Colorado springs and $12.50 for food and coffee. I spend a week and some change staying with me mum. And hit up an art festival (think burning man but smaller) where I met my girlfriend Erica. Went down to telluride and stayed with my close friends that live there for a week and some change. I spent those days hiking, camping, and getting drunk. Erica even dropped by for a spell. And back to Colorado springs with the intention of hitching back to new York to catch my flight. I go on a road trip to another art festival and then to cali with Erica and her friends instead.
Early July
Great time at the fest (dreamtime). Great visual arts, music, performance, workshops, and cant forget the people. The last night I attend a sweat lodge. Incredible. Las Vegas, Morro Bay, Salmon Creek, San Francisco, and Bolinas Bay over the next few days. In Bo (where beach camping is legal (like it matters)) we arrive at a night of the full moon. Highest and lowest tides of the cycle. A guy is on the beach with some friends, there to celebrate some guys 21st. But birthday boy is a no show so we get kicked down "goodies". It was a night I will never forget to say the least. Iv never been so exhilarated by the wonders of nature.
Mid July
We drive north aiming for Arcada but decide to go for a swim in the Eel river. After that my companions left for Colorado and I stayed there. Alone again I spent the night by the eel. Then, the next day, I hitch north instead of south like I planed. Im taken to arcada were I spend a week. Mostly that time was spent smoking and doing nothing, but 2 of those days were spent painting a house for a bill a day room a board. I met some pretty cool cats in arcada that Im sure I will see again.
Late July
I hitch down to the Santa Rosa area to visit my aunt and uncle. I sleep in a soft bed and eat good food for a few days. I hitch north on 101, and following directions written down on cardboard to the tree sit in the old growth redwoods. They have the food and gear but are short on people, so I thought I would lend a hand. I got a ride from some kids going to Ragge on the river. When I got there I found out that the tree sit had been raided and they lost a lot of equipment. So much for that. Early august
A few days at Ragge and I started to hitch back to Arcada. 2 hours of hitching in Garberville and Im picked up by 2 cute Texas girls on there way to northern Washington. A little future then I was aiming, but why not. I spend almost a week in Olympia, mostly staying with Charlotte and roxy whom I met my first night there. This girl Haily convinced me to go to the autonomous mutant festival, a malee of freek shows, clowns, jug musicians, gypsies, and tekno punks. 3 nights in the forest with that craziness and I get a ride to Seattle with charka in her school bus. I stay with old family friends in Seattle and get another nice burst of refreshing comfort. Erica decides to travel with me for awhile so she greyhounds it out to Chewela (north east WA). My hardest hitch to get there.

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