Thursday, September 29, 2005

Return to the empire of america

After a great 10 days at the medicine farm we started to feel the itch to migrate south again. The pain of coming back to the states was made more acute from all the kindness we received on our way out of the country. A friend from the farm dropped us off @ the highway (4) junction.
It wasn't long before we had a ride from a middle aged couple. They were retired high school teachers and have traveled all over the world. They drove us to Port Alberni, most of the way to Nanimo, where we would take to ferry to Van. They decided we were safe enough to stay the night in there home. We had a steak dinner, drank 3 bottles of wine, with great conversation all night, and topped off with a few joints and the Canadian comedy channel. Aparinlty its not suprizing if a BC teacher smokes. They were also some of the most well traveled people iv ever met. Their house was adorned with gorgeous photos from all over the world. They were social studies and history teachers so I also got tons of info on Canadian history and politics. A few hours of talking with them an I was set on immigrating.
The next morning they made us bacon and eggs with coffee for breakfast and had made a huge lunch for us to take with us. As if they hadn't done enough they drove us to the ferry in Nanimo. In Vancouver we did some errands and took the bus to the Canadian border town. I wanted to hit the pub before I went back into the states (I'm 20, and the drinking age in Can is 19). At the bar we met some guys playing pool. They soon offered us a place to crash for the night, but not before drinking more, smoking some pot, going bowling wile drinking more, and a final good night joint. He (dave) drove us right up to customs in the morning.
Now on the US side is the quaint town of Blaine. It was a wile to get a ride (and we got questioned by police and boarder patrol) but the one we got was pretty interesting. After trying our luck at a few spots hitching a car with Colorado plates stops for us. Not only were they from Colorado springs but them and Erica had a few friends in common. They drop us off at the I90 I5 junction in Seattle. Erica had a hankerin for soup so we walk to the first food place we see. They just closed, so the food was on the house. No soup but 5 smokies, a bag a chips and soda. Things were just working out. There was no hitching on that onramp but there was a bus that went where we wanted to go. You pay when you get off of the bus but the driver said it wasn't necessary (I think its the backpacks).
So here I am again, in issiquah, with a roof over my head. And just in time cuz its raining now and will be for a few days I hear. There is also a little work here for the next few days at the school my friend works at so we should be able to put some cash in our pockets. Hopefuly it under the table, Im not sure how well Ill sleep knowing where my taxs are going.


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