Saturday, September 10, 2005

there and back again

Late Aug, early Sep.
We got that job pickin. For a few hours doing tomatos, the first day (just for some pocket money), and then gala apples the next. I picked galas for over 2 hours and only got one bin filled up ($20). Granted i did spend alot of time relaxing under a apple tree smokin. On the day of the third, the day we were to depart, we started hitchin for the border. We got a ride rather quickly from a Swedish guy all the way to a border about an hour away from vancouver.
Erica and I decided to stay in the states for the night (Sumas) and cross over again the next day. But with the hospitality of some hicks there, who let us stay in there half built tree house and feed us and were just over all enjoyable, we stayed 3 nights. Crosing over was the pain in the ass i had come to expect. After denying us they called Ericas mom who convinced customes that we were well to do. They gave us 23 days.
We then hitched to Vancouver and have been staying in the park with no hassles. This city is great. Buy ganja in stores, take it down to the cafe and blaze up with a cup of coffee. And really nice people, expecaly for a decient sized city. Nature isnt to far away. And a deep thinking media. It dosent get much better. Hopfuly i can minimize my time in the states between canada and mexico.