Wednesday, August 31, 2005

oh canada

I met up with my girl Erica in Chewela, WA and we hitched north to Northport (7 mi from canada). In northport we helped clean out an old building from the 1800's for this fella who is to turn it into a restaurant. We did this in exchange for room and board and smoke.
apparently Canada doesn't want us that badly. We got turned around at the border after a long time waiting for a ride out in the sun. Why? We needed proof of funds, so that means hitching back to Northport getting a receipt an ATM and hitching back. "Cant we show you on-line?" Nope, that would be too easy. 2 days of painful hitching later and they let us through for a week. The customs guy, seeing that we haven't got any rides, is the first to pick us up and he also takes us to a great spaghetti dinner. We retire in an abandon garage in the town of Rossland for the night. The next day we get told a few times that Nelson is our kind of place so we hitch a ride there from a psyopath. Not dangerous, just crazy. In Nelson we find a cool spot to camp out right next to the lake. We make some friends and check out the city. They have a smoke shop where you just walk in a buy ganja. No hassles. Some cats we met were going to the okinaguin (sp?) to pick apples under the table and make some money. Im down for anything so after a long ride in a cramped van, here we are. Checking my email and calling for harvest jobs in Kerimeos. Wish me luck, i always wanted to 'pick' something. And for some reason its all the better if Im doing it in Canada.


  • Howdy. Believe it or not, I grew up in Northport, WA and might have seen you pass through. I haven’t lived in Northport for over 5 years now and when I visit I always see the place in an all new light. I am interested in your take of the area? What did you think of the people? Did you like the scenery? Were you at all welcomed there?

    Northport seems to be an anomaly because it is full of rednecks, hicks, and a huge hippi population yet we all tend to get along. I definitely was part of the hippy crowd but have had many friends and parties with the rednecks. It wasn’t until I left the place for college that I realized the difference in people.

    email me or make a blog post about it (I'm going to be following your blog - there's some good stuff here). I hope to hear from you.

    By Blogger bryanc, at 12:47 PM  

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