Sunday, September 11, 2005


We walk almost down to Main St. with our newly met friend on hastings. This is clearly crack land. The cops dont care aslong as the crackies stay in that area, much like the united states. Two people are cooking crack or herion in a door way. The cops stop infront of them, walk right past them, and knock on the door of a decriped apprtment building.
The door we walkup to is locked up with heavy metal caging, just like the windows. Our friend taps on the glass a few times and out comes a man with a mullet and unlocks the gate. Inside we all intorduce ourselfs and they give us alittle histoy lesson in pot, for we are in the school of pot. After a smoke out and pollitcal conversation we walk down the street to the New Ambsterdam cafe. We order a cup of coffee and smoke a joint with some of the regulars. And they smoke some with us. We stay and socalize tell pretty late. We sleep on the beach.
The next day we go to a rally infront of the US concolit protesting the DEA raid on canadian soil. There is alot of good speekers including the marijuana party president. At 4:20 they handed out an exteram amout of joints and we all lit up. Then the raffle for various things, tshirts, seeds, plants, pot, and 2 grand prizes of one ounce of hash. I won a plant, and some friends of ours won some ganja cookies and the hash. I never know it was like this up here.
I think we are leaveing for the vancouver island today. Im kinda happy (because this city it totaly skechy), but this is one city i could definitly live in.